Mold Remediation

Remediation is the process of removing and treating building materials at the project site that are contaminated by mold. A pre-written protocol, specifically designed for the property in question, is used during the remediation process to manage the removal and treatment of contaminated building materials. The remediation effort is accomplished in a controlled environment where humidity, air quality and other variables are kept in check. The preparations to the affected areas normally involve the isolation of the space from the remainder of the building in order to prevent the cross-contamination of unaffected areas. The protocol along with industry standards are followed to properly treat and/or remove the contaminated areas using special tools, chemicals, and equipment under the guidance of a certified professional.

Remediation is the removal and treatment of contaminants from a property and does not include the restoration of removed building material. It can be included in a free estimate if mentioned to the project estimator.

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