Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke can be devastating for a property. Structural integrity is compromised by the fire while smoke penetrates the structure's contents with odors. It is important to act quickly to avoid secondary damage caused by water damage from fire fighters, sprinklers, and rainy weather, an electrical fire from exposed wiring, as well as collapse from a loss in structural integrity from the fire. In addition, the soot and chemical output from the fire can circulate through your house causing respirtory issues with the occupants.

We offer many fire-related recovery services, some which can be completed in a matter of days. Some of these services include: emergency water extraction, contaminant removal, contents cleaning, indoor air quality control, demolition and reconstruction/restoration and odor removal.

If you would like to report an insurance claim regarding fire and smoke damage at your property, whether or not a claim has been filed with your insurance company, click here.

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