Bacterial and Viral Decontamination

Clean-Air Environmental Services offers specialized biohazard cleaning/removal and decontamination services performed using proper area containment (to pevent cross-contamination), specialized tools and chemicals, and professionally certified de-con specialists. This under the guidance of our case-specific protocols for each situation ensures that any areas of concern on your property are properly managed.

With the recent outbreak of swine influenza (flu), there is an ever growing concern about contamination of buildings and persons by this virus. While the severity of this illness varies from person-to-person, it seems to spread more rapidly than previous strains of influenza and the resistance of current vaccines available is still unknown.

Clean-Air can bring peace of mind to your home, workplace, place of education, place of worship, or other institution by treating any areas of concern under strict containment.

We have worked with state and federal governments and school districts to provide environmental decontamination for a number of years. These services leave facilities and their contents in truly clean states where employees, students, and/or visitors can feel safe in their environment.

We can offer specialized professional decontamination/disinfecting services to the following locations and more:

  • Home
  • Business/Office
  • School/College/University
  • Restaurants/Fast Food (Including Play Areas)
  • Gym/Athletic Facility
  • Retail Location/Department Store
  • Bar or Club
  • Healthcare/Medical Facility
  • Hospital/Clinic
  • Blood Bank
  • Government Facility
  • Hotel/Motel/Resort
  • Military Facility
  • Jail/Prison
  • Train/Light Rail/Subway
  • Cruise Line

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Bacterial and Viral Decontamination for Swine Flu H1N1